P.O. Box 15, Smithfield, ME
Mel Croft: 207-362-5340
Richard Witham: 207-634-4392

Groves House Collection

The Groves House holds a wonderful collection of Smithfield artifacts and information. The 177 year old Mail Wheel is truly one of a kind; a must see. We have a plethora of maps from the 1800’s and early 1900’s, a list of Smithfield Civil War Veterans, and all of the families living in Smithfield in 1840, when Smithfield was incorporated into a town. We also have a copy of the Town Meeting records of East Pond Plantation (which was incorporated into Smithfield) from 1824 to 1836. There are also numerous old postcards and photos of Smithfield, as far back as 1890’s. And there is so much more! We offer here on our website just a sampling of our collection, which help tell the story of Smithfield. Please stop by and see the rest of the collection.