P.O. Box 15, Smithfield, ME
Mel Croft: 207-362-5340
Richard Witham: 207-634-4392
The Groves House

About Us

The Smithfield Maine Historical Society is an active organization that is devoted to preserving the History of Smithfield!

Mission Statement

The Smithfield, Maine Historical Society mission is:

  1. Categorize, index and maintain records of all materials acquired by the society.
  2. Digitally record historical documents, town records, photographs, and other ephemera so that originals may be protected from over-use or, in some cases, may be returned intact to their owners.
  3. Establish a digital database of historical information and sites, which will be made accessible to the general public.
  4. Answer inquiries from the general public and provide utilization of the society’s collection for public research.
  5. Foster and support investigation, research and study of historical information pertaining to the town.
  6. Promote and encourage greater awareness of, and interest in, the town’s heritage.
  7. Provide outreach programs that will educate students and the general public about development of the town and significant roles played by its residents, thus enriching the public’s understanding and appreciation for the history of the town.
  8. Publish historical materials pertaining to the Town of Smithfield.
  9. Sponsor events to promote an understanding of Smithfield’s history.
  10. Encourage and support historic preservation initiatives in the Town of Smithfield.
  11. Establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with educational institutions, the community, government and other related organizations.
  12. Bring together people interested in the Town’s history.
  13. Ensure that activities, such as meetings, events, and outreach programs, are conducted in a relaxed, positive, and enjoyable atmosphere.